Stony Hollow Community Update Novel Coronavirus

Dear Resident:

As you all are aware our nation faces a serious challenge with the Novel Coronavirus. I am sure that all of you have had to change the way you live your life as a result. There are a few things we can do as a community and as individuals to help out:

1) We have worked with our cleaning services company to add an additional deep cleaning at the start of each week for the next four weeks. This will include high touch point areas in each building lobby and the laundry rooms. High touch points are door knobs and surfaces that people put their hands on frequently. Our regular weekly cleaning schedule will not change and will continue on a regular basis. We will also have the building interiors sprayed with a disinfectant towards the end of each week.

2) Please do not wait in the laundry rooms while your clothing is washing or drying. Social Distancing in now a fact of life and we should do everything possible to protect one another. Also don’t save up all your laundry to do at once – everyone should have a chance to use our facilities.

3) If you are asked to quarantine as a result of the virus please place a note on your unit door so first responders or maintenance can take appropriate precautions when entering your unit.

4) Social distancing does not mean we stop being good neighbors. Our community has many senior citizens that may feel unsafe as a result of the virus. Please don’t ignore them – if you are going shopping ask if you can pick food up for them, maybe take their garbage out for them, or prepare them a meal.

5) While our Maintenance Staff will still be on site please do not make calls that would not be considered an emergency. The employees of APM will be working from home starting later this week – it may take longer for them to respond – email is still the best way to reach them.

6) We suggest that residents voluntarily reduce the number of guests you invite into the community – again a social distancing measure that benefits all of us.

As a nation we have all seen things come to pass that we never expected – be it the events of 9/11, the financial crisis, and now a global pandemic – we made it through before and we’ll get through this as well.

Be safe,


Michael Mooney

President, Board of Directors

460 Old Town Road Owners Corp.